Gaasterland Lab
Computational Resources
The Gaasterland Lab has a cluster system containing nine Sun servers and five Apple servers, for a total of 58 processors and over 200 gigabytes of RAM. RAID disk arrays provide an additional 17 terabytes of storage. Backups of the data are performed regularly and stored in a tape library.

Two TimeLogic DeCypher Engines, combined with TimeLogic's Tera-BLAST software, perform BLAST searches with run times comparable to those of clusters containing hundreds of CPUs.

Job queuing is handled by Sun Grid Engine Enterprise Edition.

Five Apple workstations provide programming environments for lab members.

All hardware is interconnected by gigabit Ethernet, via a dedicated CISCO switch, with router boards connected to the University of California, San Diego's Internet backbone and also directly to external links via a T1 line to provide redundancy.

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